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Sunset over clear Lake

About this photo

This photo took three days before it finally happened. 

On the first day, the displaywas okay but it was not spectacular.

On the second day the sky was really nice, I spent my time taking test shots seeing which location, camera position, and setting would make the best photo.

On day three I got to my location an hour before the sun would set just hoping that I would get something even close the night before.

I set up my camera, got everything just right, pulled up my lawn chair, dangled my feet in the water, had a sandwich and sipped on an iced tea as I waited.

The skies started to change and car after car of people stopped and snapped a picture, I told them to wait the sky was going to be spectacular, but it was a quick snap and back in the car and they zoomed off.

I started taking photos to make sure I got something.

And as the sun set I was rewarded with this picture, I looked around and I was all alone but that did not mater, not with a view like this. 

If only all the people who raced away had of waited.

But now you can have the same feeling's I had as you stand in your special room and watch the sun set, maybe you will be able to entice few people to stop and watch with you.