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Butler Stock Photography

About us

Butler Stock Photography was found on two principles.

Bring down the cost of photos that clients are purchasing and to put more money in the photographers pocket.

The large stock photography agencies are great but the costs to purchase royalty free images can be costly. In these days of companies watching their budgets it was time for an intervention.

If you are a photographer just starting out then the stock photo companies are for you. they will do all the work and pay you when one of your photos sells. the only issue is that the royalties paid to the photographer are very small unless you are lucky enough to be exclusive to one of the stock companies.

Butler Stock Photography helps on both ends.

Check out our selection of photos and choose the one that is right to finish off your project.

The other advantage to choosing Butler Stock Photography is that you get to see all the available photos.

Stock photography companies pick and choose their photos however artistic impressions are not accepted and therefore never seen on the open market.

At Butler Stock Photography you get it all.

Remember a well chosen photo is worth 1000 words.

Meet the team

David C Butler


David is an avid photographer who for the past several years focused on nature, landscapes and wildlife.

After his accident in 2018 he has had to switch his interests due to lower mobility.

David will be adding more food photography and general stock photography to the site.

He will also be working on videos and other projects as well.

Carolyn J Rae


Carolyn was never really interested in photography.

But being dragged around from location-to-location and shoot-to-shoot she soon took an interest.

One day David handed her a camera and said "go nuts."

From then on she was hooked. Carolyn has an eclectic style of photography, choosing  to focus on the things most people would just walk past.

Her photos add another dimension to Butler Stock Photography.

Gina Dalby


Gina has always had a keen interest in photography but never an outlet to express herself.

Gina hails from Auckland, New Zealand and functions as our Australasian network.

She has learned and under the toutaliage of David has taken off as a photographer.

Gina's photography covers a wide range of life in Australasia from landscapes to wildlife and everyday life as well.

Gina is a great addition to Butler Stock Photography and her photos are in high demand.