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Banff 365

About the book

For five years David has been combing the trails and back country,  driving through the park morning noon and night looking to capture those special photos that show why the Canadian Government chose to make Banff the first National Park in the country.

The book shows the park through David's eyes and takes you on a journey through all four seasons as well as showing off the vast wildlife that calls the park home.

200 stunning photos that show the park in a different light and shows what makes David's photographic senses tick.

For David, this project is the culmination of many years work, of cold nights and early mornings. Of spending countless hours on trails and back country woods. Of the hours sitting in his vehicle or in a chair just hoping an animal would walk by his location.

With his camera ready and a cup of tea and a sandwich by his side he chose each photo and each frame with one purpose in mind.

He wants you to walk with him, feel the cold on your face as you wait for the sun to rise and maybe get that perfect shot.

Join him on his journey and put yourself in his shoes, boots, sandals, as he pulls you into each photo and you feel the same pride in the park as he does.

Take the journey, you will be glad you did.

About the photographer/author

David Butler has always had a passion for photography.

He got his first camera, a Kodak Instamatic and set out on a life long journey to tell a story, to show others what he could see.

David spent 10 years as a sports photographer where he won several awards.

It has always been David's dream to show people the natural world, to be able to take people who are unable to get out to these wonderful places on a journey that would leave them 


Now they can see the beauty.

A lifelong shutterbug David continues to this day to take time to get out and take photos of these special places. 

Pre-order your limited edition now

Order your limited edition signed hard copy. Only 100 of these signed books will be produced. Each book will come with a certificate of authenticity.

200 hundred photos cover Canada's first National Park, Banff. Purchase this hard cover table book you and your guests will be delighted thumbing through it.

Two dollars from the sale of every book will go to the Veterans Food Bank, Calgary.

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