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Let us show you what drives us when we step out from behind the desk.


 DCBPresents is the brain trust of David Butler and Carolyn Rae.

First formed in 2016 it's sole purpose was to showcase the photos of David and Carolyn and to sell products that would allow people to place these photos in their home.

In 2017 David let go of the retail side of DCBPresents and moved the company into the world of stock photography. most of 2017 was spent editing his massive collection of photos and slowly listing them on stock photography sites.

in 2018 the stock side took off and photos started selling. However 2018 took a turn that saw half a year lost when he lost his right leg to an infection.

2019 started as a roller coaster with David still recovering from the leg injury, but in so doing he came to a revelation.

He was going to live his dreams "time is short so you must always be going forward."

So was born DCBPresents 2019. A realization was born.

David was going to accomplish things he has started but for one reason or another they never got finished.

DCBPresents is now the parent to four of David's dreams, all of which he is determined to see through to the end.

Butler's Fine Art Photography

"I have always wanted to see my prints hung on a wall, to have people enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them," Butler said.

Butler's Stock Photography

"While it is nice to see your images sold by other companies, I have always wanted to sell my images at a fair market value, and still maintain control over my product." Butler said.

The Book Nook

David's love of photography leads him to want to share it with everyone, and what better way to do that, than through a book highlighting his adventures.

"I have always dreamed of writing a book. this year I have my first project on the go and i cannot wait to get this done so i can check it off my bucket list." Butler said.

Both David and Carolyn cannot wait to take you on a tour of our dreams.

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